Owner wants answers after San Marcos dog killed inside fence on his own turf

June 1, 2014

A San Marcos dog owner is grieving the death of her dog, Fox 10 News reported May 27. A video is also available by clicking the Fox link above.

Pietra McCotter contacted Fox after San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deputies came onto her property, despite a “Beware of Dog” sign, and killed her dog when it approached them.

Oden, a 7-month-old pit bull puppy was one of three pit bulls on the Sarver Lane property. A neighbor had called and reported the dogs as being outside their fence. The neighbor identified the wrong pit bulls.

A media release from the department stated

“While attempting to make contact, three pit bulls emerged from inside the home through an open patio door and charged at the deputies. One deputy, fearing for his safety and believing he was about to be bitten, fired two rounds, quickly dispatching the dog.”

We all know this line, thanks to the hundreds of dogs shot by law enforcement over the past few years.

The officers claim they were at the bottom of the gate, and only entered when they got no response when calling out for the owner. That’s when they decided to open the fence gate and walk in, despite the sign warning them.

Fox 10 contacted the Escondido Humane Society about the incident, but a representative said they were never notified.

Pietra told Fox

“There needs to be some recourse. Sheriffs cannot come on to private property and just shoot.”

Oden ran to the back of the property after being shot in the side, too severely for Pietra and her boyfriend to gather their dog up and rush him for life-saving treatment. Oden took his last breath in her arms.

So once again, another family dog is dead at the hands of police. This dog was inside a gated fence, on private property, with a warning sign the dog was present.

San Diego Sheriff’s Department deputies didn’t try to contact the Escondido Humane Society, so an animal control officer wasn’t called in to help.

Neither did officers bother to drive up to the property in their cruiser. Why did they walk up, knowing there was a beware of dog sign present? Perhaps it was because police kill family dogs not only because they’re afraid, but because they can.

What do the police want from those of us who own dogs? We keep them in the house, police kill them. We tether them outside for some sunshine, police kill them. We put them in gated fences, police kill them. What else can we do to keep our dogs safe, since so many officers are afraid of puppies?

A petition calling for justice can be found here.






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