Louisiana dog shot by police; neighbors later find bullet under kitchen table

October 13, 2014

According to an October 8 WGSO News report, a Louisiana family is upset after finding a bullet under their kitchen table after a neighbors dog was shot by police.

The incident occurred when a woman and her six-month-old were being attacked by what Major Malcom Wolfe of the Houma Police Department in Terrebonne Parish says was a pit bull.

Major Wolfe said the dog got out of his yard and attacked the couple.

In an interview with WGSO, a neighbor described what happened

“The dog came running towards us so I grabbed her and the stroller and she ran inside my house. She looked like she seen a ghost. That cop was terrified was frantic.”

This same neighbor believes the dog, a mixed breed named Romeo, is more of a boxer mix than a pit bull. Romeo did manage to tear a rip in the pants leg of the woman.

Romeo’s owner was charged with violating the leash dog. He survived after being rushed to a vet for surgery.

A friend of the owner is upset and wonders whether the shooting could have been avoided. Romeo was shot at the welcome mat of his owners home.

The neighbor who placed the 911 call alleges the cops were looking for a stray bullet after the shooting. Then workers at the house across the street made a horrifying discovery-a bullet that wasn’t there a few days ago was found inside the home under the kitchen table.

DJ Theriot told WGSO

“We found a spent bullet. It wasn`t there the other day. Put two and two together . Must have ricocheted and broke our window.”

The hole in the window is in a direct line to where police shot at the dog from across the street from her home.

Major Wolfe says the investigation into the dog shooting is closed. Would it have been closed if someone had been sitting at the kitchen table when a ricocheting bullet came through the house?

Yes, there may be some circumstances where police feel the need to protect themselves from an aggressive dog, but really, shouldn’t they be more careful where they discharge their weapon? Did they chase the dog down, and shoot it after it returned home? If so, was that really necessary, or were officers responding to an adrenaline rush?

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