Los Banos police officer shoots dog after allegedly grabbing it by its neck

December 3, 2014

According to a December 1 report by Los Banos Enterprise, a police officer shot and killed a stray dog Tuesday after allegedly manhandling the dog.

The incident began Tuesday evening around 6:25 p.m. in the 1100 block on Pinot Noir Street in Los Banos, California. Laura Gomez, who lives on the street, had been caring for and feeding a stray German Shepherd.

She had planned to keep the dog in her fence and take a photo to put on social media in hopes of finding the owner. According to Laura, she was advised to contact Petco about the dog, and this contact led to Laura calling the Los Banos Animal Control at the Police Department. She says of the stray

“The dog was playful. We started giving him food and he played with the kids.”

Unfortunately, the dog jumped her fence and ran into the officer responding to the dog at large call. What happened after that has created a social media disturbance. Despite Laura advising the officer to coax the dog into his patrol car with a game of fetch, the officer chose to grab the dog.

“He grabbed the dog from the neck. He kept grabbing the dog and the dog got mad.”

Cmdr. Jason Hedden said the officer, who name is being withheld, was bitten on the hand as he tried to lead it away. Hedden says the dog shot and killed the dog as the dog attempted to jump on the officer’s back.

Laura confirmed the dog became aggressive and the officer shot the dog twice. She told Los Banos Enterprise

“I don’t know why they would send someone out here who doesn’t know how to handle dogs.”

Hedden said the officer has not been placed on leave, and the incident is being investigated. From initial reports, he says his officer acted accordingly.

“We have a witness who saw the dog attack the officer. When he went to work, he didn’t expect to have a dog bite his hand or to have to shoot a dog. It boils down to an irresponsible pet owner.”

The owner hasn’t been found, and the dog’s body will be examined as part of the police investigation.

The Los Banos Police Department Facebook page is here, just in case you’d like to leave them a message. Their phone number is (209) 827-7070.






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