Las Vegas dog recovering after police shoot dog; “beware of dog” signs ignored

December 2, 2014

A Las Vegas dog is recovering after being shot by police while attempting to serve a warrant on a person who doesn’t even live at the home. Fox5 News reported the story November 26.

Las Vegas Metro police Lt. Joel Martin said an officer with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office civil bureau was attempting to serve a warrant around 1:18 p.m. November 26 in the 4700 block of Via San Andros, near the intersection of South Decatur Boulevard and Flamingo Road.

According to reports, the civil bureau officer tripped as he walked across the yard, then fired several shots as the family pit bull approached him. The dog was treated for a bullet wound to the neck, as well as a bullet grazing his neck.

An interview with owner Frank Robinson can be seen by clicking here.

Frank now has plans to get a lawyer. His home is clearly marked with “beware of dog” signs, which the officer ignored. Frank told Fox5 News

“He’s a friendly dog. They didn’t have to sedate him or anything to clean him up. He’s not an aggressive dog or anything like that. He was just doing his job and that’s it. I’m very upset at the situation because the people they came over here for, they don’t live here.”

The family dog is expected to make a full recovery.



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