Investigation called for after off-duty Red Bluff CHP officer kills two puppies

January 31, 2014

A Red Bluff family is mourning the loss of their two dogs, who were shot and killed by police on January 29.

KRCR reported January 30 that Thama County Sheriff’s Office pinning the killing on CHP officer Matt Nelson, who was off duty at the time. Nelson says he was running in the area when the two 8-month-old pups began chasing him, forcing him to fire his weapon to protect himself.

Alex Torres, whose family owns the dogs, are disputing what happened. Alex stated to KRCR that the dogs were allowed out for a couple of minutes, and he became worried when he and his family couldn’t find them. Within moments they heard six consecutive shots. Alex and his mother followed the sound of the gunfire and found Nelson standing over the dogs.

Now Alex wants answers as to why his dogs were killed. He said everyone in the neighborhood knew his dogs, and knew they were friendly. Nelson allegedly refused to discuss the incident, and both parties called the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office.

A deputy came out and made a report, but that was the end of the investigation. The family attempted to learn more and contacted the Williams CHP Office, which employs Nelson, but that office refused to comment.

Although the Tehama County Sheriff’s Officer took a report, they told the family this wasn’t their investigation, referring them to Red Bluff CHP instead.

The Torres family is going in circles trying to find out why the officer found it necessary to kill both dogs. They have unanswered questions, and no one to explain why it took at least six rounds to stop two puppies. Was this CHP officer attacked, or was he simply afraid of the dogs, as many officers are.

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