Gwinnett County dog is recovering after being shot by police

December 10, 2014

A Georgia dog is lucky to be alive after being shot December 2, reported December 9.

Boosie is the second dog shot by a Gwinnett County Police Department officer in the past six weeks, and the sixth dog shooting in 2014.

This is what happened, as told by Boosie’s owner, Ashley Jett, according to the webpage Facebook: Justice4Boosie

“My boyfriend and I had a minor incident at quicktrip that caused the police to be called. When they arrived my boyfriend ran because he has a suspended license. My dog jumped out of our back window after my boyfriend. I ran after my dog and the police pulled their gun on me and told me to stop or they would shoot. I begged them to please not shoot my dog because she is my world. Then I heard 3 gun shots. I also told them that she doesn’t bite, she was just scared. Then I saw my dog Boosie walking towards me with 2 bullet wounds. I begged for help but nobody would help me carry her to my car so I could put pressure on her wounds. They finally called animal control to escort her to the nearest vet but took their time and made sure that got all the information they needed while she bled in my arms.”

Ashley and her boyfriend realize they did wrong, and want the Gwinnett County Police Department officer who shot Boosie to admit he made the wrong decision in shooting her dog.

Luckily, Boosie is alive, which is a miracle. Most dogs shot by police are killed, leaving their families to ask what could have been done differently.

Contact information is listed below in case you’d like to offer your opinion on the shooting.

Contact Chief A.A. “Butch” Ayers 770-513-5000
Gwinnett County Police Department
770 Hi-Hope Road, NE
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

Gwinnett County also has a Facebook page here.





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