Guthrie dog dead after deputy draws weapon on owner, pets and 2 children

May 30, 2014

Another family dog is dead, shot by police and witness by two young children. FOX 25 out of Oklahoma City reported the story May 30.

Cindy Wickham, a resident of Guthrie, Oklahoma, was watching her two nephews Thursday afternoon at their home when a Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy approached a property fence. A report of someone screaming had been heard in the area.

Cindy and her nephew’s, along with their dogs Charlie and Joker were contained in the fence, and Cindy told the officer not to come inside the gate.

Cindy didn’t know how Charlie and Joker would react to police. In an interview with FOX 25, Cindy stated

“That’s when I said ‘Don’t come in’ and he just went ahead and went in the fence.”

The Logan County officer ignored her warning and came inside. At this point, Charlie approached the deputy and sniffed at him. According to Cindy, the deputy drew his gun and pointed it at the dog and family members. Cindy had time to place her nephews behind her to protect them but could do nothing to save their dog from a gun-happy officer.

A video can be seen here.

Neighbor Kaci Malicoat said she saw the entire incident and will back up Cindy’s account of what happened.

“I could see him (the deputy) waving the gun back and forth at her and the dog. I said ‘Why did you shoot the dog’ and the deputy said ‘The mother f—— dog bit me.”

Cindy said the murder happened so fast she couldn’t save her dog, and she couldn’t save her nephews from seeing a police deputy waving his weapon at them.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office is investigating and had no comment.

Cindy wants the deputy taken off the street. Especially since he acted like he didn’t care what he’d done. She also wants an apology for the emotional damage caused to her nephews.

This should be an interesting case to follow. Cindy cautioned the Logan County deputy not to come inside the fence. She should have been given the opportunity to place her two dogs inside, where they wouldn’t have posed a threat.

A neighbor, who witnessed the shooting backs up how the tragedy took place. Not only did the officer kill a dog who was sniffing at him, this officer allegedly pointed his weapon at two young children.

This officer definitely does fit the motto “to protect and to serve.” Cindy described the officer to FOX 25 as “vicious.”

Readers, your comments are welcome. Be sure to drop officials a line or place a phone call. Information to various leaders for Logan County can be found by clicking here.




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