Georgia family devastated after police enter their home and kill family dog

April 21, 2015


A Georgia family has had their dream of home ownership shattered, as police entered their new residence and shot their family dog. WSBTV2 News Atlanta reported the story on April 20.

Karen Rios and her family had just begun to move into their dream home. Now that dream has been destroyed, thanks to suspicious neighbors and Gwinnett County police.

The Rios family was gone from their new home on Jimmy Dodd Road when police were dispatched to the residence after neighbors report suspicious activity around the long-vacant home. When police arrived to investigate, they expected to find burglars.

Instead, they found two family dogs. The officer said one of the dogs rushed toward him. It was then when a pit bull named Rocky allegedly dove at the officer and bit his pants and leg. The officer fired two shots from his service weapon, and his partner fired a shotgun.

In an interview with WSBTV2, Karen says she’s shaken by the tragedy

“I don’t know why they did this to me. Now I’m afraid to go back to the house.”

Since police are saying the shooting was justified due to Rocky attempting to bite an officer, it’s unlikely an internal affairs investigation will be conducted. A detective has been assigned to the case.

Their other dog, Scrappy, wasn’t injured.

For more than 300 articles by Elisa on dogs shot by police, click here. To learn more about the Puppycide Database Project, click here. Contact information for the Gwinnett County Police Department can be found by clicking here.





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