Family of Shiner Bock continues fight to get Dog Protection Act passed in Texas

May 2, 2014

The family of Shiner Bock would like to thank everyone for the successful memorial service, held by the Silverman Law Group on April 23. Shiner was killed by police April 24, 2013.

This email was received shortly after the event, reminding everyone of their goals

“We had about 20 people come out to support Julian Reyes and Shiner Bock and were able to raise $120 for Shiner’s cause. We also began socializing a Dog Protection Act, based on the Colorado Act in order to keep Texas dogs safe.”

The family of Shiner Bock is doing their best to see Texas as the next state to pass the act. Texas has the highest number of dogs nationwide who are shot by police.

One purpose of this update is to remind those pushing for legislation that would make dog behavior training mandatory for police. One issue that needs to be addressed is we must work together.

While each family would like to have a law passed that is named after their murdered pet, this is quite confusing to those who hold the power to change things.

The Dog Protection Act, passed last year in Colorado, should be the title used regardless of state.

Many of these congressmen and senators discuss legislation when they convene in Washington. To try to remember each dog slain would be nearly impossible.

The Dog Protection Act should be passed in each and every state and be called by that name, as it covers all dogs murdered by police.


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