Family of dog shot by Dayton Police say officer shot the wrong dog

June 15, 2014

An Ohio dog is recovering after being shot by an officer with the Dayton Police Department, 2NEWS reported June 14. The family of the injured puppy says police shot the wrong dog.

Dayton Police Department officers were called to the east side area on a dog at large complaint involving three adult dogs. One of the dogs, a white put bull, was witnessed attacking another pit bull in the neighborhood.

Jenah Pearson and her husband, Curtis Gifford, say their 4-month-old pit bull puppy Tike was shot in the left rear leg after officers opened fire on him. Tike received emergency veterinary treatment and is expected to recover.

A video can be viewed by clicking here.

Saturday night, the 100 block of McReynolds Street was the scene of an active investigation, after witnesses had the courage to stand up and say officers wrongly shot little Tike. More than eight police cars were on scene to investigate the shooting.

As usual, police are telling a different story. Officer Jason Olson stated in his report that when he went to secure one of the loose dogs in the alley, Tike charged at him. Olson found it necessary to protect his life by shooting the little dog.

Jenah and Curtis run a licensed kennel, Roscoe’s House of Blues, and say their show dog, worth $5,000, is trained to stay on the property. The couple told 2NEWS little Tike was inside their gate going to the bathroom when Officer Olson shot him, ending his career as a show dog.

Curtis stated

“I heard my neighbor screaming, ‘They shot your dog, they shot your dog’ and then when I went out there I found my puppy laying in a pool of blood.Right now, I feel the police department should be sued for my medical bills and for two they should be sued for the fact that my dog will never be able to placed in a show again.”

Two of the three dogs on the loose were soon caught and were taken away by Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

Not only was Tike injured, Curtis had to deal with his brother being arrested for jaywalking and refusing to provide identification.

This isn’t the first time Dayton Police have shot a pit bull. Sergeant Steven Bauer believes the breed isn’t the problem. Bauer thinks the dogs aren’t socialized because they’re kept chained outside 24/7, which keeps them wary of strangers, as well as other dogs.

Bauer says he’ll be conducting an administrative investigation, and the department is still searching for the one dog still on the loose.

Take a good look at the t-shirt worn by the young lady in the photo used for this article. “Losers just hate” tends to fit the tragedy quite well, where police shoot family dogs just because they can.

Your comments are welcome, as once again we have a family dog, a PUPPY, who was shot in his own yard by an officer who feared for his life.




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