Family heartbroken after Gaston County Police kill 10-year-old dog

August 14, 2014

A North Carolina woman is mourning the death of her dog, who was shot and killed by Gaston County Police Wednesday morning. WSOC News reported the story August 13.

A video telling of this tragedy can be viewed by clicking here.

Dianna McCullough was crying on her father’s shoulder as investigators from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department were gathering evidence Wednesday as she talked with WSOC reporters about the death of her pit bull Katrina.

McCullough said two plain-clothed men in a police car came to her home on Rocky River Road in East Gaston County Wednesday morning. The officers wanted to speak with her sister about a Tuesday night incident.

The men identified themselves as detectives from Gaston County. Dianna asked the officers to meet her around back, but before she could reach the back yard, shots rang out.

Her dog Katrina, described by Diana as “old and harmless,” was an indoor dog, but had just been allowed out for a bathroom break.

A yellow lab, Dakota, was also in the yard. Neither dog barked, nor acted in an aggressive manner. We all know which dog police chose to shoot.

“And she is a pit bull, so there you go there is our label. She’s never hurt anybody ever.”

Dianna’s father said the officers told them the dog was coming at them in an aggressive manner. Her father believes Katrina was simply going up to them to say hello.

Homeowner Wayne Baucom told WSOC that Katrina always greets new people with her head down and her tail wagging, so the version officers gave is difficult to believe.

Katrina was 10-years-old and had been a member of this family since she was eight weeks old. At her last vet visit, Katrina weighed 34 pounds.

After killing the dog, the detectives left without identifying what agency from Gaston County they represented. Gaston County Police later verified two of their officers were the ones responsible for Katrina’s death.

CMPD was at the home to collect evidence, but Gaston County will determine whether the officers were justified at killing Katrina. So, the department gets to investigate itself, and must abide by whether they find themselves guilty of any wrong-doing.

Congratulations, Gaston County. You’ve murdered a 34-pound 10-year-old family dog. You are now on the list of the most hated police departments in the country right now.

Anyone wishing to share their thoughts with this department, contact information is below.

Gaston County Police Department
Headquarters- 704-866-3320
Bessemer Sub Station- 704-629-2235
420 West Franklin Blvd.
Gastonia, NC 28053-1578
Fax 704-862-6322
Email Inquires






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