Dixie, neglected dog who looked like a dirty mop, scheduled for surgery July 26

July 25, 2013

Dixie, the little Shih-Tzu dog rescued earlier this month, is scheduled for surgery on July 26.

Dixie was turned over Fulton County Animal Control, where she was quickly rescued by the Humane Society of Forsythe County.

After what could be years of neglect, Dixie was treated by Dr. Josh Woods and the staff at Vickery Animal Hospital. She had fur growing in such a manner her eyes would never close. Dixie also had some skin problems that had to be treated.

Dixie was so horribly matted, she reminded me of an old string mop after years of use. It’s amazing what a little love and lots of grooming can do. I imagine little Dixie feels much better these days. Her fur was so matted, she had to learn to walk again.

On July 26, Dixie will undergo surgery. She has a lot of problems that will be corrected. Dixie will be spayed, have her hernia repaired, a dental cleaning, tooth extractions and an ear flushing.

Take a look at Dixie’s newest photo. This girl has gone from looking like a very dirty string mop to being the beautiful dog we all knew was beneath the neglect.

All of this costs money, which Humane Society of Forsythe County was glad to spend on the girl. If you believe they’re done a good job, please donate a few dollars to help foot the bill for her care. Everything done on July 26 will run around $400. You can click here to donate.

Dixie, and the other animals in their care, can be viewed on their Facebook cage. Dixie has a foster family right now, but I’m unsure whether she has a forever home waiting. Perhaps someone from the Society can comment on that.

Good job everyone. You’ve worked a miracle on this little angel.


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