Coeur d’Alene police officer who shot dog in a van violated deadly force policy

September 5, 2014

An investigation has determined the police officer who shot a dog in a van on July 9 violated deadly force policies, New York Daily News reported September 5.

The internal and external investigation on a Coeur d’Alene Police Department officer who shot a black Labrador has determined Officer David Kelley violated the Coeur d’Alene Police Department deadly force policy when he shot a dog named Arfee.

At a Friday morning press conference, Police Chief Lee White wouldn’t confirm whether Kelley was still employed by the city, and declined to comment on any disciplinary action the officer may face.

Arfee was sitting inside a van while his owner, Craig Jones, went inside Java coffee shop. Craig had parked his van in the shade and rolled a window partially down so Arfee would be comfortable.

Officer Kelley, along with his partner, were dispatched to the parking lot to investigate the van. Officer’s were looking for a white van in the area that was being used to allegedly entice children.

Kelley admitted to be afraid he would be bitten on the face by Arfee and shot through the van window. In an incident report, Jones stated

“The dog was aggressively barking and growling and its mouth was within inches of my face. I had the split second thought that this dog is going to…bite me immediately.”

Arfee whimpered as he headed to the back of the van to die.

None of this was recorded on Officer Kelley’s body camera. Apparently, the possibility of cornering a suspected child molester wasn’t reason enough for him to turn it on. This is yet another violation of department policy.

Robert Bragg Jr. of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center stated in a press release

“I saw insufficient reasons why Officer Kelley chose not to announce his presence or knock on the van to elicit a response in order to clear the van.”

Craig Jones has consulted an attorney, and a lawsuit is planned.

A statement was posted on the Facebook: Justice for Arfee page Friday

“It’s one thing for Chief White to admit to David Kelley’s wrong doing, but yet an entire other matter to dispense proper justice suited to the wrong doing. The actions taken need to be satisfactory to the community of CDA… to the ones who pay for their city’s police dept. This Sunday’s Justice for ARFEE Rally will continue with it’s theme of calling for the justice that the community deems fitting — that officer David Kelley if still employed as an officer, be terminated from the CDA dept. It is he and any others like him that this community wants to be free and safe from. “




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