Coeur d’Alene officer who shot dog inside parked van takes a pay cut

October 14, 2014

According to an October 14 report by CDA, the police officer who killed a black lab inside a parked van back in July has had his hourly wage reduced by $3.15.

Couer d’Alene Police Officer David Kelley, whose former hourly pay was $34.17, has had his pay per hour reduced, effective October 1. Kelley has 17 years experience in law enforcement and received four raises over the past year, the most recent being less than a month before the shooting.

Police Chief Lee White responded to media who haven’t dropped the incident by stating

“are you still beating that dead horse? I am prohibited from talking about employee discipline.”

At a September press conference, White told news media the shooting was not a reasonable use of force and was in violation of policy.

Reporters have attempted to learn what disciplinary action, if any, has been taken against Kelley. Apparently, the reduction in pay will be his only punishment by the department.

White says public record laws preclude city officials from releasing more information.

Kelley declined an interview opportunity with CDA Press last month saying

“I thank you for giving me an opportunity; however, I respectfully decline the request.”

A recent post to the Facebook: Justice for ARFEE page read

“I would’ve sacrificed my life for this boy. I was denied the choice. .”.

Since the officials of Couer d’Alene refuse to take action against what could be a potentially dangerous officer, perhaps a lawsuit will eventually bring justice to the family Arfee left behind. A ten percent pay cut doesn’t begin to make up for what this family lost.




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