Cleburne police officer cleared in shooting of dog whose video went viral

December 20, 2014

According to a December 20 report by Cleburne Times, the Texas officer involved in the shooting of a dog whose video later went viral has been cleared.

An independent investigator has determined that Officer Kevin Dupre with the Cleburne Police Department was justified in the shooting of a pit bull named Maximus on August 10, 2014.

A media statement was released Saturday during a press conference at city hall, where Mayor Scott Cain spoke out about Dupre being cleared.

“We have a 28-page report. One of the most thorough reports of an investigation that I have seen. The long and short of it is that at the end of his conclusion he found that the officer did not violate any laws and that he was justified in the shooting. From the very beginning we wanted to ensure to the public the process would be trustworthy and transparent. We were able to secure the services of an outside source that has tremendous experience and expertise in dealing with situations like this and investigations of this nature.”

The body camera recording of the incident drew public attention after it was released in October. The video, which can be seen from a link in this article, shows a retreating dog.

Cleburne is now revising their dog encounter policies for officers, as well as making changes in the city’s leash laws. They hope to require mandatory dog training for all law enforcement.

The city had requested the Texas Rangers to investigate the shooting. When they declined, the city hired a retired police sergeant from outside of Cleburne.

Officer Dupre if free to resume his duties as a police officer, and the city hopes to move forward after the much-publicized case.

Can anyone explain how this officer was cleared when the video shows him shooting a dog that was running away from him and posed no danger?







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