Chicago PD shoot elderly dog after opening gate and ignoring Beware of Dog sign

August 18, 2014

A Chicago family is mourning their dog, shot by police Monday morning, Chicago CBS Local reported August 18.

Not only was a 10-year-old Italian Mastiff named Castro shot and killed by Chicago Police, they disregarded a Beware of Dog sign, and the armed robber they were chasing got away.

Terry Taylor, Castro’s owner, has had the dog since he was a pup. Castro’s life ended when police chased an armed robber after being dispatched following a Washington Park hold-up.

Believing the suspect had entered Taylor’s backyard, police came onto the property and shot the family dog. In an interview with Chicago CBS Local, Terry stated

“The police ran in my yard, opened the gate and shot my dog. It’s like I lost a family member…very difficult.”

South Side neighbor Aaron Thompson witnessed the shooting and asked why police shot the dog. Police allegedly told Aaron the assailant shot the dog.

Terry Taylor says police told him they were chasing someone and wound up in Taylor’s backyard at 59th and Martin Luther King Drive.

Officers opened the gate, covered with a Beware of Dog sign, then shot dead the 120 pound Italian Mastiff named Castro, who was outside at the time.

The dog’s owner is devastated. The family has had the dog since it was a pup and calls 9-year-old Castro a member of the family.

The owners want the body of the dog removed and cremated at the city’s expense.Additional information surfaced in a report by WGNTV. Terry says he and his family were awakened by screaming and gunshots. They found police in their yard and their dog dead.

These officers opened a gate, came past a Beware of Dog sign, and shot Castro because officers said the 120-pound dog, who was outside at the time, was being aggressive.

Southern told reporters his family had been sitting on the stairs when his sister pulled up in a car. The sister saw a man through a crack in the stairs and thought he was holding a hammer.

The hammer was actually a gun, but the sister thought someone was just working on the stairs because everyone was sitting around calm.

As it turns out, the robber never made it into the yard where Castro was. DeMarkus Southern, Terry’s son, caught the armed man coming from under his porch carrying his gun about three hours after Castro was shot to death.

The wanted man apologized for the police killing the dog, saying he witnessed the shooting. He then put his weapon back on his hip and continued down the street.

Southern claims the police botched their investigation, and the robber was last seen getting on a bus.

An investigation into the shooting is underway, but at this time the Chicago Police Department is defending the officers right to shoot the dog.

The owners want the body of the dog removed and cremated at the city’s expense. It would be a better idea for the family to obtain a necropsy.

Regardless, this poor, elderly dog was shot in his own yard by police after police disregarded a sign stating the dog was on the property.







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