Case of Baltimore police officer accused of slitting dogs throat postponed

December 23, 2014

The case of a Baltimore police officer who is accused of slitting a dogs throat has been postponed until March 2.Facebook: Justice for Nala made the announcement December 22.

“I have been meaning to post an update on Nala’s case for a few days…the case is now postponed until March 2. We have a new prosecutor and while this might result in a slight delay, he has only been on the case for a few weeks and has already requested to meet with me to discuss the case. Keep in mind that no one from the State’s Attorney’s Office has met with me aside from court appearances until now. I am in no way bad mouthing their office because I know they have several cases going on at any given time but I feel a little better about the situation now with this change.”

According to a December 12 article by The Baltimore Sun, Maryland’s top medical examiner, David R. Fowler, is prepared to testify on behalf of Officer Jeffrey Bolger, the Baltimore police officer facing criminal charges for slitting Nala’s throat.

The M.E. was asked to testify because Bolger is now saying Nala was already dead before he slit the throat of the Shar-Pei back in June.

Attorneys for Bolger have been trying to get the case dismissed on grounds, cited from David R. Fowler, Maryland’s chief medical examiner, that evidence has been lost and prosecutors didn’t follow procedure when filing the charges.

The hearing for Thomas Schmidt, who assisted Bolger, was also postponed.

As for Officer’s new line of defense in killing a dog at the end of a catch pole, which he says was already dead at the time he slit the dogs throat, consider the following

*Nala was moving around when contained on the end of the catch pole, meaning she was alive at that point
*Nala was still alive as Bolger and Schmidt were forcing her face into the ground and she was still moving
*Bolger kicks Nala in the ribs as she is moving, so at this point Nala is still alive
*Bolger states “I am (Jeffery Bolger) going to “gut” this “(expletive) thing” or dog
*Bolger then claims the dog was a pit bull that was a neglected, unclean and aggressive stray (Nala was clean and healthy looking, wearing a bow tie and collar with her tags attached)
*An assessment can’t be done while an animal is on the end of a catch pole, as any animal would act aggressively out of fear. Bolger wasn’t an animal behaviorist expert
*Bolger and Schmidt claimed Nala might have rabies, despite the objection of Sandy Fleisher, who had contact with Nala only moments before she was killed
*Police and rescue workers allegedly forced Sandy into an ambulance so she wouldn’t hear Nala cry out when they slit her throat. Sandy saw and knew Nala was alive and kept telling everyone she wasn’t going to the hospital. Nala was squealing at this point. Ever heard of a dead dog squealing?
* Bolger and his attorney initially claimed he was only doing his job, as Nala may have harmed a bystander. Really? On a catch pole? How?
*Bolger claimed the knife was needed because the ricochet from a gun could have hit a bystander. Witnesses are saying police never considered shooting her to begin with.
*In the end, Bolger broke HIPPA laws by telling the world Sandy was pregnant, using this as an excuse to kill Nala.

So how can Officer Bolger now say Nala was dead before he slit her throat?

Now the lawyers are saying they have two witnesses not connected to the police department who say Nala was “lifeless for approximately five minutes while on the dog pole and appeared to have strangulated itself prior to the dog pole being removed.”

Bolger is now trying to come off as a hero, saying he wanted to end Nala’s suffering.

All of this contrasts with a necropsy done on Nala by a doctor working for the city’s animal control, who stated Nala died after an artery was cut. Bolger’s attorneys say her conclusion is “impossible to draw” since Nala’s head was removed before the evaluation.

Fowler is prepared to testify for the defense that due to the lack of blood where the cut was made, Nala was already dead.

Would anyone care to comment on whether Bolger will get away with killing Nala? Your comments are welcome.


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