Animal cruelty complaint after Rock Island Sheriff’s deputy shoots dog

June 17, 2014

Animal cruelty complaints are being addressed after a Rock Island, Illinois County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot a dog in East Moline, KWQC News reported June 17.

***WARNING***A video, which is graphic, was taken by a KWQC viewer who shared the video with the news station. Do not watch if a dog bleeding out will upset you.

The incident began when Shelby Gosa told KWQC her stepmother called 9-1-1 when two Rottweilers were spotted trying to attack a neighbors pet rabbits.

When the deputy arrived, he was able to get the first dog into his squad car with no problem. Gosa returned home, thinking the second dog would be contained as easily as the first dog. It wasn’t long before a single gunshot rang out.

Shelby said the dog shot was bleeding out on the pavement and had blood covering its mouth. The officers were in the neighbor’s drive, and Shelby thought one of them had been bitten.

Shelby was shocked to learn the dog was shot not for attacking the officer, but for going after the rabbits again.

The dog was shot in Shelby’s driveway, then the officer’s attempted to lead the dog toward his police vehicle. Shelby told KWQC

“The dog got about as far as the passenger side door and collapsed and began to bleed profusely everywhere.”

Captain Gerry Bustos with the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office said two separate calls had come in about the loose dogs. It was explained that one dog was easily caught, but the other dog became aggressive and the officer had to stop the remaining dog from hurting him.

Shelby said gravel was put down Tuesday morning and soaked up the blood from where the dog was left for 15 minutes to bleed out.

Captain Bustos said both of the dogs were taken to the animal shelter. It’s unclear whether the dog shot died on the scene, or whether it passed away at the animal shelter.

Shelby says she’s still in shock over the incident and told KWQC

“When I was outside neither of the dogs were being aggressive.They both came up to me and were willing to let me pet them.”

Bustos is defending his officer, saying he did what he had to do to protect himself. They plan to investigate the shooting, but we all know how this incident will end.

A list of Rock Island County officials can be found here.







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