Animal Control officers are shooting strays and family dogs out of back of truck

September 26, 2014

There’s a war going on in Jackson, Mississippi. A war between animal control officers against stray dogs and family pets. WLBT News reported the story September 25.

A video can be viewed by clicking here.

Jackson Animal Control has declared war on stray dogs and is now defending their right to shoot and kill dogs they can’t catch or trap. Homeowners who have witnessed neighborhood dogs being shot compare the animal control officers to snipers, firing at will out of the back of a city pickup truck.

On Wednesday afternoon a homeowner witnessed two dogs being shot by AC. One dog was someone’s pet, the other a neighborhood stray the homeowner fed on occasion.

This homeowner is furious, traumatized by hearing the boom of the gun, then seeing the bullet force the dog down. A dog that slept on his porch because she had no other home.

He stated in an interview with WLTB News

“She came in my yard. I was sitting there watching the dog and there was a loud boom. And when the bullet hit the dog, the force pushed the body down, knocked it over, pushed it over. The dog was screaming, making a lot of pain.”

After shooting the stray with a 4-10 bullet, the AC vigilantes continued up the street, where a dog owner had just let her dog out.

Charley, a mixed breed, went outside to do his business and was about to cross the street to return home when he was shot. His owner, who witnessed the shooting, said

“Charley is not going to growl at you, Charley is going to wag his tail even if one of you guys walked up, he would just wag his tail. So they could have just got out of the truck and picked him up. Instead, they shot him.”

Animal Control shot Charley from the back of the city truck, as with the stray dog.

Charley’s owner went to Jackson Animal Control to get answers. Manager Paul Perry told her his officers followed policy, and are allowed to use lethal force after all peaceful means of capturing an animal have been tried.

What peaceful means? These officers never stepped foot off the back of the truck? Are animal control officers taking a cue from police, where they plan to execute any dog they see without even trying to contain the animal?

Their contact info is listed below.

Jackson City Animal Control
140 Outer Circle
Jackson, MS 39201
(601) 960-1771 or (601)960-1774

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