An update in the family initiated investigation of dog shot by Round Rock police

September 26, 2014

This is an update in the case of Bullet, shot by Round Rock police May 30, 2014, while answering a burglar alarm at the home.

Russell Lane of Round Rock was at work that day when he got an alert his home alarm system was going off. It wasn’t long after that Russel’s neighbor contacted him saying shots had been fired inside his house after police arrived.

This past weekend the Lane family was able to have Jim Crosby, the leading expert worldwide in dogs shot by police cases, come to the home to recreate the crime scene. Jim is a 23-year retired police Lieutenant from Jacksonville, Florida and is known for providing expert testimony on many of these cases.

A post by Russell on the Justice for Bullet Facebook page states

“Jim was here this weekend, and what he found proves what we already knew. Bullets in the wall, and hole in leg of futon”

Why was the futon shot? Were the officers afraid it would attack them? Or did they simply go bullet-crazy and couldn’t stop firing once they started?

This is going to be an interesting case to follow, as there are so many problems with the police department’s version of what took place. Five out of seven bullets struck Bullet, with the other two going into the wall.

Bullet was also removed from the home by the officers. Why, if not to destroy even more evidence?

Russell made the comment shortly after the shooting

“I can assure you, they won’t get away with killing Bullet in this house.”

Russell, you have an army of animal advocates supporting you in finding justice for Bullet.

Jim Crosby is also called in on many serious and fatal dog attack cases, as well as helping train officers in dog behavior.

With all the recent shootings, one has to ask whether training is the best form of prevention or would holding an officer financially accountable for his actions do more good.

You can’t fix mean, but you can surely sue an officer, his department, and his town until officials realize a trigger-happy officer is bad for the community.





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