Vista, California police shoot and injure pit bull in its own yard

July 25, 2013

Vista is located in northwestern San Diego County, California. On July 23, it became the scene for the latest dog shot by police, reported ABC10 News.

The incident began when sheriff’s deputies were surrounding a home on the 200 block of West Los Angeles Drive, which was the last known address for a man believed in violation of his probation.

According to sheriff’s Lt. Kevin Menzies, two deputies entered the back yard at around 8 p.m., where they were met by two charging pit bulls who came out of an open sliding glass door. One of the deputies shot one of the dogs. Animal control took the injured dog to the vet for treatment.

The deputies were at the address of the parents of the man they were looking for. The man on the warrant wasn’t at the address.

Now another family dog has been shot after police entered into it’s territory. Police say they have the right to shoot any dog as they go about their duty to “protect and serve.”

Who are they protecting and serving? Lately, we’ve had too many cases of police coming onto the property and shooting a family dog on home ground.

What do police suggest dog owners do? It was once enough for a dog to be considered safe, as long as it was contained in a fence. Now police are opening gates, jumping fences and chasing what’s not considered dangerous criminals through a dogs territory, and the dog is the one paying the price.

If a family dog isn’t safe in a fenced in area of the property, and the dog also isn’t safe inside the home, just where do the police want dog owners to keep their dogs?

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