Strange development in the case of 2 Siberian Huskies shot by Crown Point police

July 20, 2013

The initial report on July 18 of two dogs Siberian Huskies who escaped from their back yard has changed significantly in the past 24 hours.

The dogs, sisters named Atka and Kenai, ended up in a situation where Crown Point police took them down in a manner in which many consider excessive.

The content of this article comes from a July 19 report by Northwest Indiana Gazette, and also by a YouTube interview with Kara Michalic. Kara is an animal lover and rescuer. The dogs were in Kara’s stepfather’s yard at the time of their escape.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the writer’s viewpoint, but only to bring these new developments to those following this case.

According to the Northwest Indiana Gazette, the photo showing the police report (which is attached to this article) has been verified. The Gazette hopes to speak with the family of the slain dogs again over the weekend.

The dogs allegedly attacked a cat in the Cedar Street/Liberty Park neighborhood. The property owner called police and told them coyotes were attacking his cat.

The first officer on the scene reported back that the dogs weren’t coyotes, they were wolves. So the first officer who came on scene said in the report the canines weren’t being aggressive toward officers, the cat previously attacked or the property owner.

The property owner then told police he wanted the coyotes destroyed and the report says he wanted them shot.

Police stated in their report they pulled out the OC pepper spray and that didn’t work. Then they decided to go ahead and shoot the animals. They didn’t just shoot them to take them down. They shot roughly three times each, and the dogs did not die right away.

The police report does say that after officers were forced to shoot because Atka and Kenai continued to engage the injured cat, and also advanced on the homeowner and police.

Throughout the report, the dogs are always referred to as “coyotes.” Do these officers not know the difference between a Siberian Husky and a coyote? This alone is very upsetting.

No one has seen the cat yet and no updates have come in on the cat. Friends of the dog’s owners had been told it was a stray cat, then it became the cat of the property owner. The story about the cat keeps changing, and it’s hard to know who to believe.

The Gazette also reported the homeowner wanted the coyotes because he has a friend who shoots coyotes and keeps their fur. They also stated in their article that the property owner went so far as to call the vet where the animals were taken to ask for their bodies.

Here are the contradictions in the case, according to Kara Michalic.

Contradiction #1: The use of OC Pepper Spray. The police report claims it was initially used against the dogs. However, Cara, who retrieved the dogs’ bodies, said there was no scent of pepper spray on the dogs, which had been sealed in garbage bags. Surely there would have been a scent. Especially with the temperatures and the fact the dogs were sealed in two garbage bags, the scent would have been there.

Contradiction #2: Officers in danger? The police report given to the owners states that the officer began shooting at the dogs only after a failure to scare them away from the property. There is NO MENTION of the officers feeling threatened in the police report. However, Police Chief Pete Land claimed in the NWITimes that the officer shot the dogs “due its continued aggressiveness towards the officers and owner.”

Contradiction #3: The dogs’ appearance. Police Chief Pete Land explained that the canines were “dirty and muddied,” lending credibility to the notion that the dogs were wild animals. However, Kara, in the interview, says that when she retrieved the dogs’ bodies they were NOT muddy. “There was nothing on their fur but the blood,” she said.

Contradiction #4: The reason for shooting. The police report states that the homeowner requested that the dogs be shot so he could keep their fur. This contradicts the claims by Police Chief Pete Land that this was a self-defense shooting.

There is also concern about how many times officers fired their weapons in a residential neighborhood.

What do the readers think of these new developments? In the Examiner article published July 18, the owner of the cat commented that the cat is barely hanging on to life.Perhaps she can comment on this article and give us some insight into these new developments.

This has turned into a very confusing case. Can anyone offer any insight into what actually happened?…





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