Puppycide: Calling attention to the number of kids who witness dogs shot by cops

September 21, 2014
The following are only of the “Puppycide” cases where kids have witnessed their beloved dogs being shot by cops, or children injured by police when the officer fired his weapon at a dog. For those of you who haven’t heard of Puppycide, please read on. This is a good place to start you education in the growing number of dogs shot by police.

This slideshow tells of dogs shot by police across the United States and the children who witnessed the tragedy. While the slideshow isn’t graphic, the video is. I caution readers not to watch it if they’re easily upset. It shows the truth of how police have abused their position, costing the lives of our family dogs, and the sanity of our children.

Anyone who doesn’t believe this is their problem or a problem in their own community hasn’t been keeping up with the sheer number of dogs shot by police in this country.

The problem is getting worse. According to Puppycide, a dog is shot by police every 98 minutes. In early 2013, Patrick Reasonover, a libertarian filmmaker in California, decided to get involved.

Patrick is currently raising money for a proposed documentary, Puppycide, through the crowdsourcing service Kickstarter. Patrick stated

“We’re excited by this one, because on so many issues — the War on Drugs, for example — it’s impossible to move the ball. You can feature the problems with the drug war, but there are so many embedded interests that one documentary isn’t really going to solve the problem. With this issue, however? We feel that it could.”

The sheer number of dogs who needlessly die at the hands of police is staggering. Patrick, along with an army of animal advocates, has brought the problem to the attention of the general public.

“We had dogs and we were disturbed, so we thought we’d reach out and start contacting some of the victims.” In doing so, he quickly learned that the news reports and the published footage were only the beginning of the story. Because police departments don’t keep easily accessible records of dog shootings, it is hard to gauge the scale. A recent review of public records by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals concluded that almost half of all firearms discharges by police officers involve the shooting of a dog. But nobody really knows.”

On Saturday, October 25, a National Freeze Don’t Shoot March will be help at noon MST at all state capitals in the United States. Freeze Dont Shoot (FDS) is about ending PUPPYCIDE aka law enforcement officer involved shootings of non-threatening dogs in America.

FDS supports training for law enforcement in non-lethal methods of handling dog encounters. A hands-on training course with standardized curriculum has proven to work in many areas.

More about this event can be found here on Facebook.

Please watch this slideshow and remember police could show up at any time. They may be at the wrong address, or chasing a suspect across your property on a busy afternoon, or looking for someone who hasn’t lived at the residence in years. Our children are being caught in the crossfire of the vigilante officer’s who shoot first, then lie later.

There are many, many more cases involving children than I could show here. Examiner has a maximum for their slideshows, and I have at least 10 more cases involving children-some as young as two years old-that I could have reported on.


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