Pit bull killed by L.A. police, despite “beware-of-dog” sign and fenced-in yard

August 28, 2013

This is the story of a dog named Lexus, who lost his life to a Los Angeles police detective on August 5.

Lexus was a pit bull, who lived on the 7400 block of Calvin Avenue in Resada. The shooting took place that Monday evening around 7:15 p.m., Watch Commander of LAPD’s West Valley Division Lt. Robert Davis said.

The killing of a family dog took place in spite of a “beware of dog” sign and the front gate of the property being closed.

The family best tells what happened.

“My mother’s dog Lexus, a pit bull terrier, was recently killed by police and I was wondering if you can read and repost the article. This experience has horrified and traumatized my mother, they aren’t going to get away with this. The only reason they shot her was because she was a pit bull. There was a “beware of dog” sign and her front gate was closed. They were the ones that went on my mom’s property to ask her questions about an incident that occurred nearby that she knew nothing about. We will file suit, this isn’t over by a long shot! My main focus is to change protocol when it comes to police handling dogs. Police should learn how to handle big dogs without using deadly force. We can change the protocol when it comes to police dealing with dogs. We just have to work together to spread the word.”

Detectives were investigating a minor-use-of-force arrest that had nothing at all to do with the dog owner. Police were interviewing people in the neighborhood, where they said the detective found himself facing a pit bull.

If you saw a “beware of dog” sign, wouldn’t you keep your eyes open for a dog? Apparently, the officer who shot Lexus was on the wrong property, ignored the sign, and shot the dog.

This sweet dogs owner was screaming at police when a news photographer arrived on the scene. No one else was injured, and no arrests were made.

And of course, the incident is being investigated by the LAPD use-of-force incident, since the officer discharged his weapon.

Mr. Policeman, what do we have to do to protect our dogs? You ignored a sign clearly stating a dog was on the premises. The dog was in a fenced-in yard. The owner had nothing whatsoever to do with the investigation you were conducting.

This was a responsible dog owner who did everything right. What did you do? You killed her dog. Add another family whose faith in law enforcement has been destroyed.

Readers, your comments are welcome. Stories like this make me physically ill. The behavior of officers like the one who killed Lexus is disgusting. Perhaps the officer needs to talk to a postman or a meter reader and learn some tips on dog behavior.






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