Oklahoma City Police shoot dog during home burglar alarm call

August 1, 2013

According to KFOR News report August 1, an Oklahoma City dog is dead. Nera was shot by Oklahoma City Police the afternoon of July 29 after responding to the home of Chris and Melanie Reeves. A storm had set off their burglar alarm, and police came to investigate.

The officers who showed up didn’t find a burglar. Instead, they found two dogs, and say they were forced to shoot Nera. No information is available as to what breed Nera was. Photos on the KROR page appear to be a yellow lab/lab mix.

News reports also give no information on whether either of the dogs displayed aggression, or in why officers felt the need to kill the family dog.

Chris showed up only moments after the shooting and was told Nera had been shot in the leg by one of the officers.

When Chris leaned down to check on Nera, he found she had been shot through the shoulder and into her chest. Nera died from her injuries. The Reeves family hopes other dog owners can learn from their mistake. In an interview with KFOR, Melanie stated

“If you do send a policeman to your house somehow let them know, ask the home security company to let them know, that you have dogs in the back yard. If we would have done that, that would have solved this problem.”

While the family is thankful police were able to respond quickly, they believe non-lethal methods could have been used to control their dog. Nera was guarding her property and gave her life for defending her home.

Police have no comment on this case, and investigators say the report isn’t available at this time.

This isn’t the first time I’ve covered an incident involving police shooting a family dog during a home alarm call. A warning to dog owners with a home security system was published on Examiner back on September 12, 2012.

Several dogs have lost their lives because the family had a burglar alarm.

Readers, what do you think of this latest incident? Your comments are welcome.

Please don’t threaten police in any manner with your comments, as Examiner does moderate and has the right to remove any that threaten the law enforcement department involved in a dog shooting.




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