Marshfield police officer cleared after shooting family dog

July 20, 2013

The Marshfield, Wisconsin police officer who killed a pit bull on July 10 has been cleared of any wrongdoing, Marshfield News Herald reported July 19.

The incident occurred when an officer with the Marshfield Police Department responded to a call at the Oak Grove Terrace mobile home park at around 8 p.m. According to a later police report, the dog, belonging to Gary Hebert, charged the officer.

Police Chief Gary Jepsen responded to the investigation findings where he stated

“I spent a great deal of time talking to the officer and reading reports to understand what had taken place, and there’s no reason for me to believe the officer did anything outside the policies and guidelines of the department.”

Jepsed told the Herald that the officer was very upset over having to shoot the dog. That he had found it very difficult to take the life of an animal.

The department now considers the case closed unless someone comes forward with video or photos that can document the officer was at fault for shooting the dog.

Gary said there were a number of witnesses who saw what happened that evening, and they say his dog didn’t attack the officer. He’s upset the officer isn’t being disciplined and is pursuing legal action against the police department.

Gary recalls the shooting, where he told the Marshfield News Herald

“He should be (disciplined). He chased my dog down and shot him. (The police) were in the wrong. They lied to me and said my dog tried to attack him, and I have several people saying that didn’t happen.”

Neither Hebert nor Carrie Horn, who was watching the dog at her home the night it was shot, have been issued citations for the incident.

Here’s a link to a good article telling of the attack shortly after it occurred. After reading it, and this Examiner article, who do the readers believe is telling the truth? Your comments are welcome



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