Macon police shoot and kill 3rd pit bull in 10 days

July 23, 2013

A Macon, Georgia dog lost its life last Friday night, The Telegraph reported on July 22.

The dog, a pit bull, was fatally shot by officers who were in the area looking for a suspect at Bowden and Knot streets. According to a police report, the dog attacked one of the officers when they approached a house.

The office being attacked fired the first two shots, hitting the dog once. Then the other officer shot the pit bull one time. Neither officer was injured.

This article is shorter than most, but it doesn’t take up much space to tell of an officer going onto a dogs property, the officer claiming to be attacked, then shooting the dog. This family dog is dead now, thanks to these officers.

No injuries? Was it really necessary to kill the dog when no one was being injured? Is there no training as to using pepper spray or a Taser when dealing with dogs?

This isn’t the first incident in July where police have shot and killed dogs. According to Georgia Daily News, two pit bulls were killed on July 13 by south Macon police.

What can be done to keep dogs safe in their own back yards? Fences don’t protect them? Being in the house doesn’t mean an officer won’t come inside and shoot the family dog. What is it going to take to put an end to dogs being shot by police?

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