Incident with family dogs leads to pregnant dog being killed by Waterloo police

August 9, 2013

A Waterloo, Iowa family is upset after police shot and killed one of their pit bulls, WCF Courier reported August 9.

The incident occurred on August 7 when police were called to the 617 Dawson Street home of Allan and Amy Hale around 6:44 p.m. A passerby had flagged down a police officer on patrol and reported two pit bulls, one gray and the other brown, who were attacking a white pit bull.

Police report that all three of the dogs were under a porch, and the white one suffered bleeding injuries to the neck. Police are saying the gray dog again attacked the white dog, and the brown dog was acting aggressively toward a gathering crowd.

This is when an officer made the decision to fire his AR-15 rifle at the gray dog, killing it. Animal control was called as soon as the police arrived on the scene, and animal control was able to get the other two dogs under control. All three are owned by the Hale family

Amy, who was at Radio Shack when the incident occurred, is very upset that police didn’t try a non-lethal method before shooting her dog. The dog killed by police was named Hennessy and was only two weeks away from giving birth. Hennessy, as well as the brown dog named King, had been with the family for years. Gotti, the white dog who was injured, has only been with the family for about a month now.

One of the Waterloo Police officers pulled their weapon when they saw that Hennessy had Gotti by the neck.

The dogs were inside a 6-foot chained link fence, and Amy believes the family dogs were afraid of the officers. This was the first time the dogs had caused any problem and doesn’t understand what brought on the fight.

Amy was first told Gotti had been seriously injured in the attack by Hennessey and King, but the injuries turned out to be minor. In an interview with WCF, Amy stated

“Considering they stopped fighting, couldn’t you have sprayed her with Mace, shocked her, whatever you needed to do? You did not have to use deadly force.”

Allan spoke with KWWL news saying

“I mean I’m looking at my dog right now, his face is swollen, but like they told me that’s going to heal up. From looking at him right now. I honestly see no reason why the cop had to use deadly force on my female.”

Waterloo Police Captain Tim Pillack stands behind the decision to shoot the pregnant dog.

Was deadly force necessary in this incident? Or would a Taser or pepper spray have broken up the dog fight? Why did the police believe the dogs were a danger to the witnesses who had shown up to watch? The dogs were in a 6-foot fence? Your comments are welcome.……



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