Hearing for dog shot by off-duty Royston police officer postponed

June 16, 2014

The hearing by a magistrate outside of Hart County has been put off until the end of June or early July. WLHR News reported June 16.

This Examiner article covered the case of a Royston, Georgia off-duty police officer who shot and killed a dog named Booder between May 28 and May 29.

Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland has already stated that Royston police officer Ken Reynolds admitted to shooting Booder. Reynolds claims he shot the puppy because he feared for the safety of his Chihuahua.

Booder, a pit bull puppy, was shot near the property line of Reynolds property on Mount Olivet Road in Royston. It’s believed the dog managed to crawl back onto the property belonging to owner Mark Jordan before he died.

Mark says his dog couldn’t have done anything that warranted shooting the dog. Booder was shot and left to die, with Reynolds not even having the decency to call Mark and let him know his dog lay dying.

The law states that a dog may be shot if and when it’s attacking, but to shoot a dog whose only crime is to come onto a private property is considered illegal in most states.

Mark asked the date of the hearing be postponed due to a material witness being unable to be at the original hearing, which had been set for last week. Not only is this witness important to the case, Mark wants to get more legal advice on how to proceed.

Hart County Magistrate Judge Thomas Jordan has called in Stephens County Magistrate Judge Donald Tabor to hear the case in a special pre-warrant hearing. If enough evidence is presented, Reynolds may face charges of animal cruelty.

If Reynolds is charged, this will be the third officer charged in as many months for shooting a family dog.



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