Dog shot by Winston-Salem Police Chief Barry Roundtree comes home

June 29, 2013

Lebrone, the family dog whose owner was shot by Winston-Salem incoming Police Chief Barry Roundtree, returned home Saturday night, according to MYFOX8. Lebrone was grazed by the bullet which struck his owner Tamara Whitt on June 26 when Roundtree was responding to a dangerous weapon call in the 100 block of Jackson Avenue.

Tamera was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, where doctors said the 40-caliber bullet lodged in her left thigh is too dangerous to remove. Lebrone was placed in the custody of Forsyth County Animal Control.

An investigation into the incident by the NC State Bureau of Investigation has determined that Roundtree was cleared of any wrongdoing on June 28, saying he “acted to protect himself and to protect the lives of others.”

It’s great that Lebrone is now home with Tamara and her dog is recovering well. If past incidents of dogs shot by police are anything to go by, Tamara will be served with a “dog at large” citation in the near future. Some police departments take a month in getting those to the owner of the dog.

This case isn’t likely over. Police Chief Barry Roundtree may have been cleared on any charges in the actual shooting. But what about the alleged report made by Tamera saying Roundtree turned and went the other way after she had been shot.

Instead of coming to the aid of an innocent woman who got in the way of his ricocheting bullet, Roundtree is alleged to have crossed the street and pulled out his cell phone. No mention of that act of cowardice was mentioned in the SBI investigation report.

Roundtree will be sworn in later today. Is this really the type of Police Chief Winston-Salem can be proud of? Your comments are welcome.




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