Crown Point, Indiana police shoot and kill 2 Siberian huskies

July 18, 2013

Two beautiful Siberian Huskies were shot and killed by Crown Point, Indiana police on July 17 after they escaped from their yard, Northwest Indiana Gazette reported July 18.

 According to Deputy Chief Janda, a frantic call came in from a woman who said there were wolves or coyotes killing her cat. The woman reported her husband had tried to break up the fight, but now he was being attacked.

Officers who arrived on the scene reported finding a cat being attacked by two animals, but the officers were unable to determine the animals were dogs. They had no collars or tags When an attempt to pepper spray the dogs failed, police shot the two family dogs.

Rather than fire one bullet at the dogs, each dog was shot at least three to four times, and both died from their injuries.

As it turned out, the dogs were Siberian huskies. Their owners, Lindsay Schild and Brad Nitz, say the dogs escaped from Brads father-in-law’s home in Liberty Park.

Now residents in the area, as well as dog lovers around the country, are expressing outrage at yet another dog shot by police incident.

After contacting Brad, I learned the police report stated the police officers thought the two dogs were coyotes.

Brad said he got his two Siberian huskies from a couple who moved from Alaska to the lower states and were the smartest dogs he ever had.

“They knew all commands on how to pull a sled and they pulled me on my mountain bike. They’re just so awesome the nicest dogs ever wish you could have met them.”

Do you believe Crown Point police did the right thing in shooting these dogs? Could this situation have been avoided, had the police been trained in dog behavior? Why wasn’t animal control notified to handle the situation? Your comments are welcome.


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