Commerce City: 2 dogs shot by police, owner charged with multiple violations

May 1, 2014

Commerce City Police (Colorado) are once again accused of shooting a dog rather than using a non-lethal means to subdue the animal. Dangerous Dog News reported the story on May 1.

The incident occurred on 60th Avenue between Newport and Niagara streets a bit after 7 p.m. on April 30.

The owner of two dogs, a Rottweiler and a mixed breed, is now grieving the loss of her two dogs, shot by a Commerce City Police officer after the dogs got loose and attacked. The dogs are said to have attacked a small dog, and when that dogs owner went to help her little dog, one of escaped dogs bit her in the buttocks.

Dog owner Elena Nunez stated

”A cop was passing by at the exact same time the attack happened and he got out and shot both of my dogs.”

Elena isn’t disputing the actual shooting, as officers had to protect the woman and her dog who were in danger. She believes the wind blew open the gate, allowing the dogs to escape. Elena is concerned the officer’s chose to shoot her two dogs, rather than using their Taser.

“Why did they have to shoot him? Seriously, they couldn’t Taser him or mace them?”

Police responded to that concern, saying it was a judgment call on how officers handle such a situation.

The street was blocked off for over two hours, where witnesses and the dead dogs could be seen in the area. Fox31 Denver News reported Elena was at work, and was told of her dogs being killed by police when she returned home.

Elena was ticked with several violations, including violating a pit bull prohibited ordinance, as well as animal at large, having vicious or dangerous animals, failure to vaccinate and failure to wear rabies tag.

None of the officer’s in Wednesday’s shooting were involved in the case that made national headlines back in 2012.

Please note the photo used was altered to protect the identity of children in the photograph




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