Carter County, Oklahoma deputy kills family dog

July 16, 2013

Carter County, Oklahoma resident Erica Nipp returned home to find her dog Diesel dead in her yard, reported Cop Block on July 15. Erica is using social media websites to get the word out about what she alleges happened to her dog.

Carter County Deputy Daniel King was in the neighborhood looking for a person of interest in a case unrelated to Erica’s resident. This happened because the Sheriff’s Department received bad information saying the person they were looking for was at her home.

Erica alleges Deputy King was snooping around the property, which consists of 60 acres out in the country when he must have come across Diesel. Erica discovered his body away from the driveway out past the house and believes Diesel found the deputy as the property was being searched.

Southern Oklahoma Cop Block has received reporting saying this isn’t King’s first dog kill. Diesel is also the third questionable dog shooting in Oklahoma in the last two weeks.

No one can say why Deputy King felt the need to kill this Diesel, who is the latest victim of dogs shot by police on their own property. The officer wasn’t injured or attacked.

Erica has already contacted an attorney concerning the murder of her family dog.…


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