Bangor service dog recovering after being shot by East Millinocket police

August 10, 2014

A dog in Maine is recovering tonight after being shot by town police investigating a hit-and-run accident, Bangor Daily News reported August 10.

Jake, a black lab service dog owned by Frank T. Bishop of Bangor, was allegedly shot for barking at Officer Anthony Redmond. Frank and East Millinocket Police Chief Cameron McDunnah argued over the incident, which occurred around 1:15 p.m. Saturday.

Frank told Bangor Daily News

“My dog doesn’t attack people. He is a service dog. The dog is very peaceful. But when people pull in the yard, he barks. That is his job.”

Millinocket Police claim Frank set off the incident by allowing jake out of his house when Redmond came to Bishop’s home when he responded to a hit-and-run accident at Bangor Savings Bank. The vehicle involved, a Ford Ranger, was still registered to Frank, who had sold it in 2013 to a relative.

Frank describes what happened to Jake

“I came to the door, and I said to the officer, ‘Can I help you?’ He said, ‘Are you Frank?’ I said, ‘Yeah, just let me get my shoes on.’ And I was pulling on one shoe when I heard the bang (of the gun).”

Jake came running into the house, leaving Redmond with his gun still drawn, on his back in the yard. Frank believes the officer fell as he backed away from the dog.

Officer Redmond is now claiming Frank threatened him, and went to his car to call for backup. Redmond then left the property.

When a Penobscot County deputy sheriff and a state police trooper arrived, the officers backed farther away from the residence.

Meanwhile, Frank was inside his home trying to stop his dog from bleeding out after being hit by at least two bullets. He screamed for help until a neighbor responded, then the two men took the injured dog to a Medway vet.

The men found the clinic closed and had to return home with an injured Jake. The men then used Frank’s cellphone to find a veterinary clinic that was open, and upon seeing Redmond and the other officers, asked the officers for an escort. The officers rescued but did give them directions.

The cost of Jake’s surgery was $1,000, a bill that Frank plans to submit to the town. The doctor told Frank to keep Jake walking, and by the end of the day, Jake was putting weight on his foot.

In an interview with Bangor Daily News, Frank told the reporter

“There were a hundred different things he could have done with me sitting right here. I think the guy is afraid of dogs, and he should have said something right then instead of saying ‘Are you Frank?’

Frank insists he wouldn’t have turned his back on the officer if he’d known there was a problem.

Redmond was later able to locate the hit-and-run driver, where he issued a summons to Kurt Fernald, 23, of Medway for leaving the scene of a property-damage accident. Fernald will go before the judge in Millinocket District Court on Oct. 8.

Contact information is listed below for the East Millinocket Police

Department Location: 125 Main Street, East Millinocket, ME 04430
Mailing Address: 125 Main Street, East Millinocket, ME 04430
Telephone, Non-Emergency/Office: 207-746-3555
Telephone, Emergency: 911
Fax: 207-746-9951


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