Are dogs shot by LEO’s cases climbing, or is media just providing more coverage?

July 8, 2013
Are dogs shot by LEO’s (law enforcement officers) cases climbing, or is media just providing more coverage?

I began covering dogs shot by police on June 6, 2013, with this article titled Dog owners beware: Police are killing family dogs. Since that time, I’ve written about more than 70 dogs being shot and killed by officers.

Sometimes police are trespassing on the dog’s property, at other times the dog is running loose and considered “at large.” Many times the dog is still on its own property or returns to its property as soon as police arrive.

Does that give a police officer the right to shoot the dog? Most times they use the excuse “I was afraid for my life.”

What about officers who open gates as they run through a neighborhood, where they happen to meet up with the family dog in the fenced-in backyard. Do these officers have the right to shoot that dog?

Dogs are trained to defend their turf. If a burglar had been trespassing and shot the family pet, that person would be charged with animal cruelty resulting in death. Why are police immune for committing the same offense?

Take a look at the most recent cases. On June 30, we had the case of police shooting a dog named Max in Hawthorne, California. Why did the officer feel the need to fire not one, but four bullets into that poor dog? Why did they have to shoot at all? A Taser, or even the owner, Leon Rosby, could have contained his dog if given the opportunity.

A new dog shot by police case is about to go to trial. A lawsuit was filed last week by Anthony Mitchell, whose dog was shot with pepperball after police broke into Anthony’s home.

His crime? Anthony refused to allow police to use his home as a surveillance point for a neighbor being spied on by police. This earned Anthony three rounds of pepper ball, and his dog, who was cowering in a corner, was also shot with it.

According to Police One

“A pepperball gun has a tumbler to hold the rounds, an air compressor to propel the rounds, and the rounds are even brightly colored.

It is only after intense inspection that it becomes apparent this weapon is so much more than a paintball gun.It is distinguished by the intense odor that emits from the rounds and from the tumbler when it is opened. It is a pepperball gun, an alternative weapon local law enforcement agencies use to fight crime.

The pepperball gun is very similar to a paintball gun that is sold to the general public. The only difference is the rounds come out much faster, and what’s contained in the balls is not paint. It essentially is the same thing as pepper spray, but more concentrated.”

This Examiner article from May tells of a LaGrange, Missouri resident settled out of court for $50,000 over the death of his dog Cammie. Marcus Mays, the dog’s owner went to court after the video showing LaGrange Office Doug Howell drawing his gun and shooting the restrained dog in the shoulder.

Howell then puts a bullet into the head of a dog who was only wagging her tail, killing her.

The video is hard to watch, but the public needs to be aware this is how police now treat family dogs.

For any of you who have difficulty believing quite a few police officers have gone totally insane, check out this article on Rise Earth. It’s a real eye-opener. It’s not only the dogs at risk, so are young teens and dairy farmers.

No one is asking police officers to suffer a dog attack. The public only wants mandatory training for all officer’s in an effort to stop the now daily shootings where family dogs are killed by untrained police officers. An officer’s gun should be used as a last resort, not a first defense.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to put an end to this madness? Your comments are welcome.


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