Whiteville puppy lucky to be alive after being tied to a bridge and abandoned

A Whiteville, North Carolina puppy is lucky to be alive after someone tied the young female to a bridge and left her there to die. Now police and Columbus County Animal Control need your help.

Columbus County puppy

On July 2 at approximately 10:20 a driver noted a puppy that was covered in “chains and stuff” at a bridge in Whiteville, NC and called 911. The puppy was found at a bridge near the Slippery Log Road/Thompson Town Road intersection.

Upon responding, Animal Control officers found a beagle mix, approximately 1-year-old female, had been tied to the bridge using a mixture of a leash, extension cords, RCA connectors, wire and duck tape. The dog was underfed and dehydrated. Columbus County Animal Control Director Joey Prince stated

“The intent here is clear, the treatment of this puppy is both unacceptable and illegal. The intentional deprivation of necessary sustenance and maliciously torturing of this puppy are both felonies. We are currently investigating and have no other comment at this time.” 

The puppy was tied to a metal post of the bridge, and Animal Control officers had to cut the wires and leash that bound the dog to the post in order to free the animal. The dog appears to have been tired to the bridge at least overnight as she has several insect bites.

The young dog is currently being housed in the quarantine area of the shelter and is receiving extra food and water. The puppy is estimated to be about 5-8 pounds underweight.

Investigators have a lead that the dog may have been stolen but are asking that anyone having information on this situation call 910-641-3945. Anonymous tips are accepted.


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