Seattle police shoot dog before transporting dog owner to detox

June 19, 2013


Two police officer’s in Seattle shot and injured an alledged pit bull on Sunday, June 16.

The incident occurred on the 12500 block of 33rd Avenue Northeast in Lake City while responding to a 911 call about an intoxicated man at. The man was behind a church near God’s Little Acre, a day center for homeless people.

Police arrived at around 8:30 a.m. to deal with a drunk and disorderly man and to take him to a detox center. The man then allegedly unleashed his dog, which was reported to be a pit bull, on the two officers.

One officer then fired two shots, hitting the dog twice in the shoulder and chest area. The dog ran off and was soon detained. Seattle Animal Control took the injured dog to a nearby vet for treatment. Although injured and bleeding, the dog was able to walk with the animal control officer and get into his van.

Raymond Morley, who lives in the neighborhood, speculates whoever was pet sitting the dog mush have let it off its leash. He doesn’t believe the dog is aggressive, as neighborhood children come over often to play with the dog.

The police officers weren’t injured and did state they only shot the dog when they got to a grassy area where no one else would be hurt. The intoxicated man was then taken into custody and transported to a detox center.

Keep in mind the officers are the ones who stated in their report the dog was aggressive and charging at them. Since the officers were defending themselves, they won’t be charged with any wrongdoing.

Whether or not the intoxicated man told his dog to attack will likely never be known. Perhaps he did, and perhaps he didn’t. The point of this latest incident being that police once again use deadly force to contain a dog as though it were the only option available to them.

It’s also another case where officers stated the dog at fault was a pit bull, but it’s just as likely the dog was a pit bull mix and was stereotyped by police.

Readers, what do you think of this case? Do you believe the dog was told to attack officers or is this another case of the magic threefold patter told of here? Should the police have used a non-lethal method of containing the dog, or was this shooting justified?

No word of the dogs condition is available at this time.……


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