North Ridgeville holds town meeting June 17; community still outraged

June 18, 2013

The North Ridgeville City Hall was packed last night as dozens attended a meeting to voice their outrage over the killing on June 10 of five baby kittens by Humane Officer Barry Accorti. Animal rights activists attended from as far away as Washington, D.C. to try and learn why Accorti was left undisciplined.

The community is still outraged, as Officer Accorti has returned to work when many believe he should be fired and charged with animal cruelty.

Not only did Accorti murder the five kittens in a method that’s illegal according to Ohio state law, he did it with a young child watching from an inside window. According to Newsnet 5, Chief Mike Freeman stated

I want to be clear, there were no children present outside the home when this occurred.”

No one is disputing this statement. The child who witnessed the kittens being shot did so from an inside window. This is unlikely to make the incident any easier for that child to recover from, since viewing the event from inside the home still made her a witness,

Those who attended the city council meeting were given three minutes each to address council members, as well as mayor David Gillock, who expressed outrage at city employees being threatened. Had Accorti been treated as an average citizen after such a horrific incident, there would likely have been no threats.

This country is tired of animal abusers who hide behind a badge getting away with murder.

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had several representatives at Monday nights meeting, where they presented a petition that included over 37,000 signatures calling for Accorti to be fired.

Teresa Landon, president of the OSPCA, says the organization has collected several reports stating Accorti, as well as north Ridgeville’s other human officer, have participated in several other questionable incidents. Landon stated

“This is huge because not only has this man killed needlessly, but he has also endangered residents of this town.”

She also made it known to News Channel 5 that she will be submitting a demand letter to the major and police chief as well as other officials. That letter could be submitted as early as June 18.

Many of those who attended also believe charges of animal cruelty should be made against Officer Accorti.

Landon wants the North Ridgeville Police Department to stop the shooting of cats and shooting on private property. She also requires other demands to be met by a certain date, and will file a lawsuit against city officials if they are not.

Mayor Gillock, as well as Chief Freeman has supposedly counseled Officer Accorti about his inability to make clear his intentions before shooting the kittens. Freeman also told those attending that a review of policy concerning how to handle future calls, and asked the public for time to do this.

Freeman also said of the media coverage that has brought worldwide attention to North Ridgeville

“I’m not the type of guy who’s just going to do something to make the cameras go away.”

The leaders of North Ridgeville apparently believe the case is closed as to whether Humane Officer Barry Accorti will face disciplinary actions. This shows who is truly in charge of running this town, and unfortunately, it isn’t the residents who live there.

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