Mooresville police officer cleared of wrongdoing after shooting family dog

October 25, 2013

Mooresville Police Chief Carl Robbins announced October 25 that an officer involved in a dog shooting has been cleared, WBTV reported.

The officer involved is an 18-year veteran in law enforcement who has had many responsibilities, including how to deal with pit bulls. During his career, he has never fired his weapon except during training.

The dispatch report stated the shooting of the dog occurred at 1:31 p.m.. An Iredell Animal Control officer didn’t arrive until 1:43 p.m., and at this time interviewed the officer responsible. The officer’s supervisor told the officer to leave the scene at 2:11 p.m.

The Mooresville Police Chief has now said social media had it wrong about the dog, a seven-year-old pit bull named Pinch, being docile. Two officers at the scene said the dog was aggressive and was heading toward them at the time shots were fired.

Investigators allegedly found another complaint filed September 24, 2012, about dogs at large from the same address and the same two dogs. This information may or may not be true.

Chief Robbins released a statement for news media saying

“It is the finding of this investigation that the officer acted to protect himself from an imminent threat that would likely cause injury. While this incident is very unfortunate, our officer took the action he felt was most appropriate at the time.”

Chief Robbins said his department plans to review policies and procedures and seek additional training for officers, should it be determined those steps are necessary. He also said the investigation had to focus on facts, and not speculate on opinions, including those posted about Pinch on social media.

In other words, neighbor Shirley Simmons, who witnessed the incident and later told WCCB she was surprised the officer drew his gun, wasn’t as credible as the Mooresville police officers on scene.

Pinch is recovering at home and may need her front paw amputated from her injury.

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