El Monte officials speak out about the death of German Shepherd shot by police

June 26, 2013

On June 25, El Monte city officials held a press conference on the police shooting of a German Shepherd named Kiki, says Pasadena Star News. This article came out in Examiner shortly after the incident took place.

The officers were an hour later than their scheduled meeting with the family, arriving at 4:30 p.m. The officers stated in a report filed later that they checked the gate to the property and looked for evidence of a dog in residence.

Officers say they had to shoot Kiki when she “charged an officer.”

As it turns out, a video camera at the residence shows officers ignoring a large “beware of dog” sign and quickly entering the property after parking their vehicle in front of the house.

Now the city is trying to make things right with the family. A lot of people are saying too little, too late.

Mayor Andre Quintero read a statement during the city council’s meeting Tuesday night, where he called for a “quick and appropriate solution” to the internal investigation that is currently being done. Quintero said

“Our community and the Luu/Nguyen family deserve answers and closure quickly.”

El Monte Police Chief Steven Schuster has announced the two officers who responded to the home remain on duty while the matter is being investigated. Schuster stressed that the issue of whether the officers followed police policy will also be looked into saying

“We are reviewing our policies and procedures related to dog incidents to ensure that officer safety is a priority, while maintaining community focus.”

Mayor Quintero has spoken to the family about helping them find another German Shepherd to help fill the loss of Kiki. The city has also offered to pay any cost involved with vetting the dog and any other dog related expenses.

Quintero also says the testimony about the incident given by the family will also be allowed as part of the internal investigation.

The family is still very shaken by the death of their family member. Not only did police totally disregard two “beware of dog” signs, they withheld treatment of a critically wounded dog for 55 minutes, then refused to offer payment for the $7,000 surgery that could have saved her life.

If she had been taken immediately after the shooting, which she was not. Instead, Kiki was humanely euthanized, leaving the family to explain to their children why the police shot the family dog.

The family is also upset about the attitude of the El Monte police department, who not only didn’t apologize for the shooting, but suggested they just “get another dog.”

The city believes it’s doing a good deed to offer all of this. It’s too little, too late for those who have followed this story. Police should have been better trained in handling the family dog. They also need glasses since they didn’t see the posted signs warning there were dogs on the property.

Kiki may have survived if she’d received immediate treatment, but this option apparently didn’t cross the minds of the officers who let her lay in her own fenced in yard for an hour.

What can you expect of officers who allegedly first told the family their dog wasn’t even injured. Paying for the surgery should have been a given. That, too, was denied.

This should prove an interesting case to follow, since the family has the incident on video where the police can’t lie about what happened. A good attorney will most likely make the initial $7000 look like petty change.

Readers, what do you feel should happen in this case? Your comments are welcome.

NOTE: Due to copyright infringement, photo showing the “beware of dog” sign cannot be reproduced with this article. It’ is available on the original source link below.








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