The magic threefold pattern that allows police to kill family dogs

May 6, 2013
This article is for those of you who don’t think you could ever fall victim to your local police killing your family dog. There is a threefold pattern that occurs in almost all dogs shot by police, and dog owners need to be warned. Do not think you’re immune just because you’re a law-abiding citizen. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no legitimate reason for police to be on your property. Most dogs are killed when police enter into what the dog considers home territory. Usually, the police are on a foot chase through the neighborhood, and the chase has nothing to do with the owner or the family dog, who will soon become another statistic.

Police may open a gate leading onto the property where a family dog is living. Or police may be at the wrong residence and knock on your door. The minute your family dog enters the picture, the dog’s life is in danger by the very ones who are supposed to protect and serve.

Claims which contradict witness testimony. How many times have you read of cases where police turn in an incident report after shooting a dog, and this report differs greatly from what the owner or witnesses report happened? This can be very disturbing to everyone involved.

Many witnesses are afraid to come forward with the truth, as police harassment is a definite possibility. So are dog owner’s, who fear retaliation by police should a lawsuit be filed. Make a stand against your local police department, and your life could become a living hell.

Thankfully, there are still people out there who will back up what really happened during an event in which the family dog is innocently killed. This includes the dog owner who will fight until justice is served for a dog that was only doing what it was trained to do: protecting family and home.

Departments claiming everything was done according to “protocol.” This may include reasoning (true or untrue) that the officer felt threatened by the dog, therefore the shooting was justified. A department must stand behind the officer, or else the department is admitting the officer made a mistake. This would almost certainly guarantee a lawsuit against the officer, the police department and the city or county involved. The protocol is another word for “we have to say our life was in danger or we’re going to be sued.” Truth plays a very minor roll when protocol comes into play.

The protocol excuse is getting old with dog lovers who follow the cases of dogs shot by police. The protocol is being challenged with questions as to why non-lethal methods weren’t used, as well as negligence and violation of Fourth Amendment rights. The city of LaGrange was recently listed in a lawsuit for failing to train their officers on how to safely secure a dog without the use of lethal force.

For those of you who want examples of the magic threefold pattern that allows police to murder family dogs, an excellent page can be found here, along with photos of family dogs who lost their lives at the hands of untrained police officers. Caution: this page will anger a dog owner to an all new level.

In your opinion, is this information spot-on? Your comments are welcome.


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