Leon Rosby speaks at protest

July 6, 2013

Supporters turned out July 6 in support of Leon Rosby, whose dog Max was shot by Hawthorne Police Officer Jeffrey Salmon on June 30.

The peaceful demonstration took place Saturday at the Hawthorne Police Department headquarters and was attended by dozens of dog lovers.

Leon, surrounded by those are enraged at yet another dog killed by police, gave a speech. This article is a partial transcript taken from two videos uploaded on Facebook.

In the speeches given by Leon at the protest, he gave a powerful testament to Max, while explaining what he hoped to accomplish by videotaping the Hawthorne Police Department.

The videos cannot be embedded to Examiner at this time, but links to them are provided at the end of this article.

“My family is grieving. I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a loved one. He was not a dog. He was a family member. I had him since he was six weeks. He was a baby. He used to go to sleep on my chest. And for two years he was my buddy.

I didn’t just go over there that day. I was coming back from the dog park walking my dog. And I was playing music on a Sunday enjoying my Sunday off work. I have a job. I have a business here. I’m a business owner ok. We’re not just anybody.

I just got tired of the injustice my family got tired of the injustice. But yes we love you guys for supporting us. Ya’ll continue to support us. We need to change this policy

One of the reasons why I filmed Hawthorne police department is because I seen so much injustice. I seen peoples rights violated every day. I am not a hero. Listen to me listen to what I’m saying. Do not treat me like I’m a hero.

I want you to understand one thing we have a purpose and that purpose is we want justice. We want justice for all. I want you to understand Max was the hero. He laid his life down for his master. They executed my dog. They executed Max. How many bullets does it take. Not none. Not none.

They said that by the 4th of July that this would stop. I want this to continue. I want it to continue peacefully. We’re love. We have to love each other there’s no other way love did not shoot max. That was hate. When your rights are violated that’s hate. That’s stupidity.

I want the procedures and the polices changed at Hawthorne. I want the mayor fired, I want the chief fired.I want the whole department to be under investigation. That is exactly what I want.

Every last police officer that ever arrested somebody I want them investigated. I want to say that because let me tell you guys I’ve seen so many peoples rights violated. I’ve seen women taken out of the car and sat down handcuffed in the car and later on let go.

So when I started filming it was not to create any confusion because all police officers are not bad. There are some good ones on the force. We need to eradicate the bad ones. They need to get out of the force they need to get out of this country. They will continue to kill animals.”

Leon, the world is with you as we fight for change that will put an end to the police shooting family dogs.

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