Lady Cherie: A day at the beach for deaf, partially blind tripod dog

June 15, 2015

This is an update on the deaf and partially blind dog who has been living in a motel room in Texas with two lucky shelter volunteers.

Lady cherie                                                                          Facebook: Lady Cherie

Although Lady Cherie is having the time of her life (except for learning seawater is NOT for drinking), she is in need of more donations to continue staying in the motel room until a forever home can be found. The only other option would be for her to return to the shelter, which no one wants to happen.

A fundraiser has been set up here where you can donate.

Be sure to spread the word about this classy lady, as there has to be a forever home out there somewhere. She’s deaf, going blind, is a tri-paw and needs a home where she’s an only pet and not around small children.

To learn more about this diva dog, check out her Facebook (page is down) page, and be sure to read the previous Examiner articles listed below about this beautiful girl.


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