California police officer blames dog’s death on owner

July 5, 2013

A website called Secrets of the Feds published a screenshot on July 4 made by a police officer, supposedly with the Hawthorne Police Department.

This strange post is by Officer Manuel Vasquez Jr., who is blaming the death of Leon Rosby‘s dog Max not on the officer, but on Leon. Vasquez believes Leon should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the death of his dog.

California police officer blames dog's death on owner tiny

Here’s what Vasquez had to say about the shooting death of Max, the 2-year-old Rottweiler killer by a Hawthorne police officer on June 30. I’ve copied it verbatim.

“One of the best departments in the state one on looker with no business being there, if he wouldn’t have stopped but with his oen agenda wanting to record a mistake by the HPD and there was none cost him his dog. The few of you out there that don’t trust your police move. want to blame someone blame the dog owner for not minding his own business and putting himself and the officers in harms way, he should be prosecuted to the fullest letter of the law, including the death of his pet. you see police looking for armed suspects get out of the area don’t stand there taking pictures, if he would have got shot by the suspects he woul be after the dept. for not protecting him. The rest of you don’t be led by one persons agenda, step up and protect your dept. the way they do day in and day out. Lead don’t follow.”

Vasquez has since taken down his Facebook page.

I’m not sure what I’m offended more by in this post. The thought that a man who has already lost his dog to be prosecuted for his dogs death, or the message itself. If the person who wrote this message is a member of any police department, they must not have very high standards on spelling and punctuation.

Most people who reply to a Facebook post realize that quite a few may be reading it, and will at least attempt to use proper grammar and correct spelling.

A comment made by Dave Higgins on the webpage that posted this article says it all in summing up the mindset of those who follow the articles of dogs shot by police

“The very worst cops are the “good” cops that ignore/make excuses for bad cops. They have eroded the public trust with their own actions. Good cops don’t understand why good people hate cops, and that it comes from not taking out their own trash.”

Thank you Dave. This is exactly the explanation I’ve been searching for in what’s happening across the country due to police killing family dogs. While most police officers are decent, those who kill innocent dogs who are supported by other officers have created an atmosphere of hate.

Perhaps officers need to stand up within their respective departments and demand justice for dogs shot by police. To remain silent sends the message all officers employed by that department are bad.

Readers, what do you think of this Facebook post? Crazy ranting, bad grammar, bad cop? Do any of you feel responsibility should fall on Leon, rather than officer Jeffrey Salmon, who shot Max? Your comments are welcome.


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