Getting Started At Genealogy

April 6, 2012

Since the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?” debuted on NBC, millions have begun a search for their family roots.

Getting started at genealogy

My name is Elisa Black-Taylor and I’m an expert genealogist. I don’t have a degree in the subject. I have hands on experience dating back to 1974 when as a teenager I began searching for my great-great grandfather John Robert Taylor.

Getting Started At GenealogyMr. Taylor remained the elusive skeleton in the family closet. Searching for him has led me on a family quest that covered over a thousand years on some of my lines. This includes a connection to royalty (King Edward I is a distant ancestor) and the Mayflower (thru Thomas Rogers).

I did much of my research in the days before the internet by visiting older members of my family. Back in the early days of genealogy, there were basically two methods to learn your ancestry. Family members and public databases such as court records and census records.

I urge those interested in following this series, as it not only will offer important information, I’ll also make you aware of some of the pitfalls involved in research. I’ve learned a lot of tricks in my 38 years as a genealogist and would like to pass them on to those serious about the subject.
This series is aimed at the beginner, but family research for all levels of experience will be covered. This subject will contain over 100 topics by the time I’ve completed it. I hope all of you will follow me at and also spread the word to family members interested in family research.

Some of the topics covered will be:
*Who should I talk to and what do I ask?
*Recording family stories
*Why interviewing family members may be more important in some circumstances than online databases.
*Public records and family Bibles
*GEDCOM files and recommended websites
*Genealogy software
*How to record information in a cemetery.
*Why are there so many database mistakes?
*Family skeletons-should they be made public?

I have two reasons for putting my genealogy research skills to use on first is I have no time to teach a college course. I work too many hours at my job for this. This series will be comparable to a college workshop, with the exception of cost. This is FREE. The second reason is I prefer this website to writing a book. More people will be able to share this knowledge than if I made a book available on the subject.

I hope you’ll follow me on the search of a lifetime. YOUR family tree needs to be preserved. Genealogy is one of the most rewarding and inexpensive past-times out there and all ages can learn the basics of research. Please sign up here to follow me and stay on top of my tips to make your research fun and fulfilling.

Everyone has interesting ancestors. I’ve yet to speak with other researchers and NOT find at least one amazing person found during genealogy research. Don’t you want to find


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